About Mahalo

Mahalo is a 1990 Cape Dory 36. She is hull number 163 which makes her one of the last Cape Dory 36's built. Like all of the later CD36's she has a "T" shaped cockpit. The Cape Dory 36 was designed by Carl Alberg. Most CD36's came from the factory rigged as cutters with the staysail rigged on a self tending boom. Mahalo is rigged this way and has Profurl furlers on both the yankee and the staysail.

Mahalo is equiped with a Perkins 4-108 engine that provides plenty of power. She has one manual and two electric bilge pumps. The smaller of the two electric bilge pumps is mounted very low in the bilge and the larger one is mounted above that. Both are equiped with automatic switches. The smaller one also has a counter made by Omron so that we know when the pump has run.

Additional information about Cape Dory Boats can be found on the Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association web site. www.capedory.org


Cape Dory 36 Specs:

The following specifications are from the owners manual. Your boat may be different so please measure and consult a rigger or sailmaker before you use them!

Cape Dory 36 Diagram

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